La nostra azienda è presente sul MEPA – Mercato Elettronico per la Pubblica Amministrazione, ricercabile tramite nome – PLD Artech – o partita IVA 

Fashion and culture project

Fashion and culture project: beginning with culture concept, we put “Italian Opera- Beijing Opera-Alta Roma” together,
The same time, we invite the top 3 big Chinese fashion companies that have 1300 stores around China;
Depend on the both motivation, we make the independent Designer brand way ,to help the Chinese fashion company improve the international vorlue of the brand , also the quality of the product; the same time, Italian art designer find the good supporter and can be fast take his design from stecro to Marketing; PLD will be the project manager, and keep both part going the right direction, and share the benefit together;

Art & Culture

UNESCO Trulli exhibition

As a culture organizer and consultant, help Apulia government come to China, create a UNESCO Trulli exhibition , and show the history, nature landscape and

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