La nostra azienda è presente sul MEPA – Mercato Elettronico per la Pubblica Amministrazione, ricercabile tramite nome – PLD Artech – o partita IVA 

SHENZHEN high Tech Fair, It’s the biggest tech fair in China. Arranged by PLD, Italy group made the main show at the fair center. Apulia vice precedent came to Shenzhen and meeting with the director of Shenzhen, Futian.

Organized by PLD, Italian government hold 4 universities, 2 research centers, 6 companies attended the fair of TEC, 38 people group became the biggest international group at the fair. the group visited local companies, made presentation with investor and cooperator.

Visit the tech companies of Shenzhen.

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Visit of robot

PLD arrange the visit of robot, Dorm companies and make cooperation between the European companies and Chinese hi tech Companies.

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